Dino Napoletano is the owner of an automotive construction workshop with 35 years of experience in automobile racing. Dinosport is the Benelux importer for 'Unibal by Schaublin', 'Raceparts' (UK) and the sole distributor of Selènia Racing Motor Oils.

Dino, the son of an Italian coal-miner, has lived in Belgium since he was 3 years. He started his professional life as an apprentice in a renowned garage in Liège, famous in car racing (1965-69). After marrying in '71, he was hired by Luigi in Comblain-au-pont and so he became a part of the glorious success of the BMW Luigi Racing. Dino wanted new challenges and left Luigi at the end of '74 after many successes such as a first place in the 24 Hrs of Spa at Francorchamps. He started tuning his own F5000 for Hill climbs but one year later Luigi begged him to come back and be his chief mechanic. When he left again in '80 his team had two 1st places in the European Championship, one second place and one third.

They were once more glorious in the 24 Hrs of Spa. He was awarded a Medal for Best Mechanical Assistance at the 24 Hrs of Le Mans 1977 (1st place in IMSA and 8th scratch; the best result ever with a tourism car). They also had Belgian Rally title and one in road racing. As the chief mechanic he was also responsible for the debut of the Camaros in Belgium (a fabulous momentum!). His car finished first Camaro in the 'Production' Championship in France. Dino has been working with many of the best drivers of the era: Stuck, Nilson, Walkinshaw, Fitzpatrick, Jarrier, Giacomelli, Facetti, Dieudonné, Xhenceval...

He started working on his own in 1981 and tuned the racing cars of the Official Mitsubishi Dealer Team. From '82 he also became an expert in the restoration and tuning of old timer race cars such as Lotusses, Elvas, Jaguars...  Beside of this occupation he joined Serge Power in 1984 and was responsible for the technical assistance of J.P. Jarrier's Camaro in the French 'Production' championship.  Once more, he was successful.

From '87 till '90 he was the chief mechanic with Paul Kumpen.  His professional skills inspired Kumpen to found the PK racing team.  The team was overall winner in the different categories of the Belgian and European Rally-cross Championships.  In 1991 he grabbed the chance to be responsible for the comeback of the Mazdas in the Belgian 'Production' Championship. 

He started his own automotive construction workshop in Zonhoven (near Hasselt) in 1992 with 2 important pylons: tuning of old timers, veteran and vintage cars and as a technical supplier, he took the direction of the team that has been building the Vertigo model at Automobiles Gillet.  Since then he is still manufacturing all moving parts for the most important Belgian racing teams: suspensions, rolling chassis, water- air- and liquid tanks, transmissions... Besides that, he is the personal adviser of many professional and amateur teams.

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